Friday, 10 July 2015

Day 6 - Friday 10th July (Adlabs Imagica Amusement Park and Theory Examination Marking)

'The Scream Machine' at Imagica
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Following a week of hard work, the students have spent today at the Adlabs Imagica amusement park, promoted by renowned Indian entrepreneur, Manmohan Shetty, who founded Adlabs Films Ltd – one of India’s largest film and media companies. The Indian film industry is of great cultural significance to the country, with Mumbai’s ‘Bollywood’ (from ‘Bombay’, the old name for Mumbai, and ‘Hollywood’) being one of the most well known internationally.

In fact, one of the most famous Bollywood personalities, Sharukh Khan, lives only a short distance from the team leaders’ hotel in the Bandra district of Mumbai. As well as being known for his acting and producing, Sharukh Khan is also owner of the popular IPL Kolkota Knight Riders cricket team.

Meanwhile, team leaders and observers have been carefully marking each of the UK students’ scripts from the theoretical examination. As with the practical examination, each paper was completed over five hours, so this is a substantial task to complete. Once completed and checked, we submit our marks alongside those awarded by the organisers to allow moderation of marks tomorrow (Friday) and awarding of medals (details to follow!).

When not marking, some team leaders, observers and visitors also went on a short visit to the production factory of Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems, a well-known brand throughout India.

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