Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 4 - Wednesday 8th July (TIFR/South Mumbai and Theoretical Examination Meeting)

The TIFR (Source 1)
Today has been a relaxation day for the students following the considerable efforts they put in during the five hour practical examination yesterday. They began their day with a tour of South Mumbai (similar to the one the team leaders went on yesterday), followed by a visit to the Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR); one of India’s foremost research institutions for mathematics and the sciences.
The TIFR was originally set up by Homi Bhabha and J. R. D. Tata in 1945 and, as well as carrying out world class research, is also one of India’s most renowned universities. Notable research at the TIFR includes significant contributions to the study of Riemann surfaces by the School of Mathematics, research on gravitational waves, gauge theory and particle physics by the School of Natural Sciences, as well as the construction of India’s first digital computer in 1957.

Meanwhile, team leaders, observers and academic staff have been involved in the second closed IPhO international board meeting to discuss and ratify the theory examination paper to be sat by the students on Thursday. Again, this was a long process, with it 1 am before the UK papers were ready, with many countries still translating the paper into their native language hours later. As before, the subject of the paper can’t be discussed until the students have sat the examination, but details of the questions posed will follow soon.

Marking practical examinations!
Alongside the meeting we’ve been very carefully marking each of the UK students’ scripts from the practical examination. Each paper was completed over five hours, so doing this for all five students takes considerable time! We submit our marks alongside those awarded by the organisers in order to facilitate moderation of marks towards the end of the week - so attention to detail is particularly important when we carry out our marking.
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